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So turns out, walking 8 miles isn't very fun. I guess I should explain why I walked so much today. Well I guess there is a bit of a story to it.

Last night I ended up going to the bar. I haven't drank sense Thanksgiving so I needed it. While I was there I figured, hey I should ask if they are hiring. Turns are they might hire a cook or two at the start of the year. Eh... I don't really want to cook.
24 December 2016
So the CPU on my computer died, it is very depressing. So I guess work on my game has come to a complete stop. So I guess I need to figure out something to do. All I have now is my cell phone, good thing I got a new one about a year ago.

What now? Well I'm looking for a part time job right now, kinda sucks. It's going to be hard to find one this time of year. Also filling out applications on my phone isn't fun. But, I have to do it, hopefully I find something cool. Then once I'm making money I can fix my computer and start work on my game again.
23 December 2016