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So uhh… Sorry. I kinda forgot to post for a few days, my bad. I kinda forgot one day and then I guess I kept forgetting. Oh well not like much happened. I’ll try not to forget to post again. I’m really bad at keeping a schedule. Took me a few months to remember when I raid even though it's every week, same with when I play pathfinder. So I guess I can go over anything fun that I’ve done the last few days. Oh, also I have some good news.

Last week I tried doing a little stream test. Things seemed to work out. I can’t really use XSplit and that’s a little sad. XSplit runs higher on the CPU then OBS. Now you might be wondering why I prefer XSplit over OBS. Well I think it’s because I used XSplit first and when I tried OBS it was kind of a mess. Normally I prefer to support open source software, but I don’t know. I’m willing to pay for something that works better. But now OBS seems better and you know, money. I could go into some more details, but I think it would be boring.
17 January 2017
Good news everyone, I got my computer back up and running! Well I’m using an older CPU and motherboard, but it working. So let’s turn back a bit and talked about what happened last night. After one of my roommates finished work he decided to start building his media server with the new parts. I heard some rustling around out in the living room so I poked my head out to see what was going on. I saw him starting to unpack some of the computer parts so I asked if he wanted any help.

Around two hours later we finished. Well it took a bit longer than that because we had to troubleshoot why only one hard drive was working. Turns out the power cable was plugged in wrong, whatever we figured it out. We then booted it up and windows started. We put the panels back on and got it all hooked up. Then he told me I could do whatever with what was left of the old media server. I grabbed it and brought it to my room.
12 January 2017
So guys small update then we can talk about something fun, food. So the new parts for my friends computer came in, I’m looking forward to seeing that thing built. It’s for a media server and they ended up ordering what’s called an ultra case. The thing is massive, it’s like 2 by 2 feet, what? Anyways I’m hoping I can get my computer up and running later today if they are still willing to let me borrow the parts. If not, oh well. They are letting me live here so I really can’t complain, can I?

Also today I did some job searching stuff. I was contacted by a tech recruiter I met with the other week. A new opening open up and they require people to take this online programming test. Uhh, I hate programing test, they are so annoying. The reason why they suck is because they don’t really apply to how programming really works. When you are programming you will fiddle with things, look them up, debug. No one knows everything, honestly looking stuff up is like 2/3rd of programming.
11 January 2017
Let’s just start off with some bad news. I didn’t get the job I interviewed for yesterday. I was surprised how quick the turnaround was on that. I thought the interview went well. I’m a little bummed, but hey, I can’t beat myself up about it. Plus I have a few other things in the pipeline, I hope. The last few weeks I’ve talked with some recruiters so hopefully more interviews will come soon. I replied to the email from the company that told me no and asked if there's any reason why, or was it just a matter of skill/experience. Hopefully I can at least learn something out of all that, and I guess I got a good workout from it.

On the much brighter side of things, tomorrow the CPU and motherboard for my friends media server is coming in. Like I mentioned before they are going to let me use the old parts. It will be nice having my own computer back up and running, even if it’s not going to be as good. I’m hoping I can at least start coding again, do some more work on my video game and hopefully stream some of that. Who knows I guess we will see when they get home tomorrow.
10 January 2017
Sorry this post is so late, I'll get into why later. Alright so I had my interview today! But before that let's go back a bit. Let's just start this story at the beginning. Hope that isn't too crazy of an idea for you guys.

So first of all I had to take public transportation, I've done it a few times, no big deal right? Well due to how the schedules worked I had to go some round about path that took me 2 and half hours. Oh well at least I didn't have to walk much. Plus from what I looked up it would only take a little over an hour to get home.
09 January 2017
So not much is going on right now. I’m living with my friends and it’s pretty nice here. One of them let me borrow his old laptop so I have some computer access, it’s so nice to have that again. Later this week they are getting a new cpu and motherboard for their media server, and they said I could use the old parts. Maybe I can get my main computer up and running and get back to working on my video game then upgrade my computer once I get some money from a job.

I don’t want to leave you guys with a short blog again today, so I figured I could tell a fun/sweet story. How I met my wife and how I proposed. It wasn’t anything romantic like what happens in movies but I guess you could consider it a pretty nice story. Really we just met while working and things went from there.
08 January 2017
Sorry I'm writing this late, I had to move out of my house. So the friends I stayed with the other night are letting me live with them for a month or two. Awesome guys!

I went back home, to my mother-in-law’s house, today and shit was crazy. Apparently because I left the night I was given the notice I waved my 5 day thing. There is no way that can be true, but whatever I was happy to get out of there.
07 January 2017
Well I got a 5 day eviction notice last night. BAM! That's how you start a blog. I really don't know what happened. So my mother-in-law walked into my room, handed me a paper, say this is for you, walked back to her room, and shut the door. Doesn't really say anything to me, the eviction notice doesn't give a reason. She's fucking insane.

So she gave it to me a bit before my wife got home so I just kinda waited for her to get home. Once my wife got home I told her and showed her the paper and she was stumped as to what happened. My wife went to talk to my mother-in-law and asks if everyone is getting kicked out, or just me. Like an insane person she just says, only his name is on the paper.
06 January 2017
Before I get into things I want to just complain a bit. So I could of interviewed with a company today, but my mother-in-law said she would be busy. Well turns out she got home an hour before I'd have to leave. Then I tried to set up an interview for Friday, but she wasn't sure if she would be busy I pressed her on the topic. Well I guess someone is coming by to fix a truck, and when I asked why would that make her busy, she just said, cause I'm paying. What? Finally we haven't had heat for 3-4 days, it was 52 inside till she finally called someone today.

Okay, that out of the way, let's move on. I want to do a new thing today, concepts. Along with stories from my past, if nothing is going on that day, I want to pick some concept I find interesting and just talked about it. Sounds pretty interesting, don't you think?
05 January 2017
Alright things are starting to look up. I went downtown today for what was supposed to be lunch. Turns out the guy forgot it was supposed to be lunch and we just met for an hour. My wife sure walks a lot faster when we don't have a kid with us. I had a hard time keeping up on the way to the train.

So I met with a recruiter at some recruiting company. So it wasn't really an interview. We talked about my skills and he told me about some company that seems pretty cool. They won't be interviewing for another week or two though. I won't go into details of everything we talked about.
04 January 2017