The Blogs

Alright game night is tonight! I’m excited about it. It’s going to be a busy day for me, but it should be fun. Basically a few people are coming over and we are just going to play various board/card games. Really I’m just looking forward to having some nice social interaction. I’ve been pretty lonely without my wife around. I talk with my roommates every day but it’s not the same thing, so maybe having a small nerd party will help out.

Luckily my raid time on saturday got moved up, normally we do it later in the night, but it got changed so we finished at 6pm my time and the games don’t start till 8. So I need to go visit my wife so I can at least get a proof of address and my SS card so I can start donating plasma, and then clean up the house a bit. I’d like my wife to come to it, but I doubt that would happen.
28 January 2017
Alright, I’ve been working on my game last few days and I’m feeling good. I’ve done 2-3 hours of work the last three days on it and I’m making decent steady progress. I just need to make sure I keep doing that. What really makes it feel nice is that I can see the progress. Yesterday when I built the weapon targeting I was able to have it work, and that’s great. Well enough about my game, that’s for the stream and the dev blog.

So what’s the plan for today. Honestly not much, and not much happened yesterday. Although I will say, my roommate lent me money to get food, and that’s awesome. I ran out of food yesterday and he was willing to buy me some food. Since I’ve moved in I’ve been cooking a lot more sense it’s way cheaper to make things. I also cooked them some food last night, so now I just kinda do everything in the house, fair trade for free rent.
27 January 2017
So I’m feeling pretty good about my current schedule, just need to make sure I keep doing it almost every day. I guess things will change once I get a job but till then might as well try to get work on my game done. As you guys know, even if I get a job, I’m going to keep working on my game and my plan is to release it and peace out of america. I’ll admit I’m still bummed about not getting that job I’ve interviewed for. Also I’m not getting contacted by any jobs I’ve applied for and I haven't heard back from any recruiters I’ve talked too. Oh well, I just have to keep working on my game and apply to jobs.

When I woke up today I thought it would be a good idea to call my wife, since she works swing shifts, I wanted to call her before she had work. It was nice to talk to her, I really miss her, that might be the hardest part about this whole thing. She pretty much has to always be working or watching our kid. There isn’t much I can do about it though besides keep trying to get a job so I can move us to a new apartment or something. While I don’t feel guilty about having fun with my roommates because I can’t do anything about what she is doing now, I wish she could be having fun too.
26 January 2017
So guys let’s get some things out before we get into the blog proper. I’m switching up how I’m going to do things on a daily basis. Well at least till I find a job, although it would be awesome if my patreon picked up so I could stop looking for a job. Anyways my plan (I’m going to use MST cause I’m too lazy to convert, but EST is +2 hours PST is -1) is to write up a life blog in the “morning” so like between 11am-12pm, streaming for a few hours starting at 1-2pm, and write up a dev blog after I export the stream to youtube. Seems like a good plan. My idea for writing a blog in the morning is that if I remember the previous day good enough than it was probably good enough to write about. Remember you can join my discord channel for announcements.

Alright that out of the way, what did I do last night? I went bowling with some friends, and jeez I did horrible. Now I don’t go bowling a lot, and when I do after one warm up game I normally can score a little over 100, decent considering I bowl maybe once or twice a year. Even though I did bad it was really fun, my roommate invited me and my other roommate and two friends from college were there too. And this is another point where I wish I liked beer, cause I was the only sober one by the end. Maybe one day I should just force myself to drink a bunch of beer so I can stand it, it sure would make parties more easy for me.
25 January 2017
Good news! I streamed today, granted only for an hour, but it’s a start! I just wanted to make sure I did at least something today, get back on the horse. I know it isn’t much, but I wanted to start slow. I’ll try to stream tomorrow at least an hour and half, then slowly start working my way up. Today though, was a big hurdle for me to get over. If this hasn’t been obvious, I’m a pretty lazy person.

I’m not sure why I’m so lazy, I try to do stuff. I don’t want to just be a bum my whole life, being an adult is hard. Part of me wants to blame it on the fact that I’m bipolar, and depression isn’t fun. That might be just a convenient excuse, granted I’m sure it does have a part to do with it. I guess also part of it might of came from school. I never had any issues doing good in high school or even college. I was able to be lazy and get away with it.
23 January 2017
Well today was more eventful then I thought it would be. My roommate was having some girl come over so he asked me to pick up the house a bit. I said sure so today I spent a good chunk of time cleaning. I won’t go over the details, but I did dishes, shoveled the rest of the driveway, vacuumed, and cleaned up some trash. This house really isn’t too messy so it didn’t take me that long. I wish say however, shoveling ice sucks. The layer under the stone ended up freezing. Also a little after I finished shoveling it started to snow again. Damn it.

Anyways, my roommates date showed up a bit after he got home from snowboarding. I introduced myself and chatted for a bit. But it was sort of a date so I didn’t want to just hang out with them. So I went to my room to just hang out. As I was heading back to my room they just started a movie, Emperors new groove. I commented and said that’s a funny stupid movie and kept walking. Well she asked if I wanted to watch, and I kinda did so I joined them for the movie. We ended up watching another movie after that too, Clue. When I saw it had Tim Curry in it, I wanted to watch. Tim Curry is fucking great.
23 January 2017
Well I had a good day today! While not much happened it was pretty chill. When I woke up it was snowing outside, and I was planning on walking to the bank so I decided against it. Kinda glad that happened because my roommate said he would take him during one of his lunch breaks. And the bank is about 2 hours away, so I didn’t really feel up to 4 hours of walking. I didn’t really do much noteworthy till the afternoon.

So my roommate came home at about 2pm, he tried to go snowboarding again. As an aside, my roommate is really unlucky trying to go snowboarding on Saturdays. He keeps getting there to late and they turn him away because they are full. Anyways, I was able to get him to bring me to the vape shop and borrow me some money for some e-juice. That might be why I’m in a better mood, I got some nicotine in me.
21 January 2017
Man I hate not having any nicotine for a while. It’s been 2 days since I last had a smoke and while it’s not horrible, for me, nicotine is still an addictive drug. I’ve quit smoking a few times, at least 2 times I quit for over 2 weeks, enough time to get all the nicotine out of my system. The reason I kept going back? Well I just liked it. You know I was going to write about something else, but let’s go over how I started smoking.

So I started back when I was 19 maybe 20, I can’t remember exactly, but it was because of my friend. Now I’m not blaming my friend, it might have happened either way, plus it was my own choice. Anyways I picked my friend up from the airport after a school break and he wanted a smoke. He casually smoked cigarettes, and ended up picking up a pack of cloves. Cloves if you don’t know, are like normal cigarettes but have ground up cloves in them.
20 January 2017
Alright, I have something fun I can write about. How about the time I went to a Rubik's Cube competition? Yah, that happened, twice in fact. So if you didn’t know I like to solve Rubik’s Cubes, it’s just something I do while sitting there thinking. It’s a pretty mindless thing for me. Really it’s just a toy to fiddle with. Now you might not believe me, but solving a Rubik’s Cube is really easy. You just need to go about it the right way, it’s all about pattern recognition and memory. Basicly you can remember just like 5 or 6 algorithms, a series of movements that changes things in a set way, and you can more or less solve it.

So how did I get into solving Rubik’s Cubes? Well late into highschool, I thought it would be fun. I picked up one from Walmart or wherever and started to learn from youtube. After a while I really got into it. I started to buy better Rubik’s Cubes, and I’d even buy kits to build your own. I bought a timer and other shapes and sizes. So things shaped with 4 sides or 12 sides, or something that’s still a cube but instead of being 3x3 its 4x4 or 5x5 or 2x2 or whatever. Did you know, if you know how to solve a 4x4 and 5x5 you can solve any nxn cube, it’s just a matter of time.
19 January 2017
Late post again today. I need to get back on track with this thing. So why am I posting so late? Well I was play a video game all day, Space Station 13. I’ll talk about it in a bit. So I realized something today, made me feel a little stupid too. I could selldonate plasma! It’s not a lot of money, but it’s enough to buy food and e-liquid for my e-cig. It’s only 1.6 miles away and only takes an hour or two, really not that bad at all. Only issue is, I need to have proof of my address. Seems like I can send myself a letter or something, I’ll figure it out.

Anyways, what is Space Station 13? Well it’s a 2d space man game that runs on the Byond client. Byond is this weird game engine thing that let’s you make 2d online games. There are many different servers that host Space Station 13, most of them have different code bases so not everything works the same way. Also most have different maps/layouts too. It has a surprising amount of depth, well depending on the server. It’s really fun honestly.
18 January 2017