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So I broke my foot a while ago and had to stay in bed for a while, plus the pain pills I was on made me have pretty bad nausea if I wasn't laying down. Well I'm back now! So sense it has been like a month sense I last programmed I figured I could get back on the horse with something easy. Plus I wanted to make this.

So what did I make? Well basically it hooks into Chrome and reads info from soundCloud to display the song name and artist(well it's not always the artist so in the code I refer to it as info). So a while back I went into this Pandora player I made, it's a pretty similar idea, but way easier because it doesn't do anything with IRC or have really any logic. Why did I do this, well I want to start using royalty free music, as I should of done a while ago, and there is a ton of royalty free music on soundCloud.
13 November 2016
Alright last time I said I was going to talk about Inheritance, I'm not going to cover everything about inheritance but let's at least go into the basics. So basically it's an IS-A relationship, so a Dog is a Mammal, a Mammal is a Animal, and so forth.

Let's show what that would look like in code:
08 October 2016
So last time we covered Movement, and today I want to go more into detail about position. So you might be wondering, why is this an issue? Well the problem comes down to user experience, at a glance you should be able to tell who is just sitting in a room, and who is actively making a difference to the systems(weapons, sails, steering wheel, etc) in the room. If we make it so the left position is always the primary/active crew member it becomes easier for the user to tell what's going on. Because a vast majority of people who play this game will be used to reading left to right, it makes sense to have the left crew member be the active one.

Okay first of all, let's cover how we decide who is primary and who is secondary in a room:
18 September 2016
So I'm moved in to my new home and things have started to settle down a bit. I tried to stream but I'm on wifi and it is not working too good, every so often my connection drops for half a second. Luckily I'll be moving my computer to a room where I can have a hard line, but I have to clean up enough space first. Until then no more streams, but enough about this let's get into the topic on hand: Movement.

So before I covered how I did pathfinding and we are working ontop of that system, where we have a queue of what rooms we want to move to. Having people teleport around though doesn't look very good, so clearly need some sort of movement system in play. So let's jump right in!
14 September 2016
Alright so now that I'm back in the sing of things, I want to go over a bit more in detail why I made the switch from MonoGame to Unity. I do wish I could use MonoGame, but it will take longer to develop with it. Now this difference might be different if someone is more experience with game development, but I haven't done much with video games. I have no problem with people who use Unity, but the first time I do something I like to do it as low level as I can so I know exactly what is going on.

Alright, let's jump into some code for starting unit selection and clicking on things. First MonoGame:
27 August 2016
If you don't know, I'm making a video game, you can help support me on Patreon, if you can't donate please share with your friends, every thing, no matter how small, helps.

Alright I started working on my video game, I ended up going with MonoGame. While I'm happy with the framework I have to do almost everything by hand. That makes things harder on me, but I enjoy having full control and learning the inner workings of everything.
03 April 2016
Alright I finally spent some time working on my IRC client for twitch. I think I made some good progress!

20 April 2015
Alright I've been busy and sick, and I haven't done any programming the last few weeks. First I got really sick(I ended up going to the ER, but the doctor was like 'Yah, you are sick'), then a new patch came out in FFXIV and the gold saucer, rip free time. So all my free time has been spent playing Triple Triad. It's a really simple card game that was in FF8, but it's really fun.

There are a few ways to get cards: by playing NPCs and random drops from certain fights, and Square Enix hates peoples free time so there is some crazy drop rates. If you want to play seriously you need to get 30, and at some point 60 cards, because that sets the limit on how many higher level cards you can have in your deck. So yeah, the grind is real.
03 March 2015
So over the weekend I messed around more with Unity3d, and I made buttsv2.html. After this I'm not sure how I feel about unity. Thinks seem kind of weird, but I'm not sure if it's just because of game dev in general or unity itself. Also the documentation is kind of bad on the Unity site, they don't really explain things well, they don't show what the inputs are, and they don't use access modifiers on methods. Then it's kind of hard to look up anything, because it seems 80% of the people who use unity don't know anything about programming, it's a bit of a mess. I plan on sticking with it for a bit, but who knows, maybe I'll try out MonoGame.

But enough of this, let's go into what I added. I pretty much only added like 3/4 things. First off there is now a start screen so the game doesn't do anything till you press Space. Next I added a score screen that let's you add in your score and it saves it, well till you refresh the page/game. Finally I added a lives system along with a way to make you immune for a few seconds after you die. So for explaining things, I'm going to try my best to explain what is going on, but I'm not always sure myself. Also I'll be ignore the Unity/GUI side of things and mostly talking about the script/code.
13 January 2015
Alright so I decided I want to try learning how to make games a bit ago, but I figured it wouldn't be that useful till I found an artist. Luckily when I brought this up during DnD someone said they were looking for an programmer! So I guess I had to figure out what framework, language, and/or engine I wanted to use. I knew about a few things but I ended up picking Unity3d, but let's go over some others I thought about.

First off I thought about XNA, well really Mono Game because it's open source; based on mono, therefore cross platform; I can control everything; and I have worked a little with XNA during college. I talked with some nerd friends who have done game programming and they said unless you need to build something wacky and unique, just find an engine. Now a point of clarification for some, a framework gives you tools to interface with the graphics and sits on top of things like OpenGL and DirectX, but then an engine handles physics, animation, rendering stuff, all the boring shit no one wants to do.
08 January 2015