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Sorry it has been awhile, but good news! I got a job! I was dealing with all the onboarding stuff, but things should slightly return to normal for a while. Also because I got a job schedule is going to change somewhat. I will now be getting my kid one night a week, and every other weekend. So on the weekends that I have my son I might not be doing work, and the night I have it, I for sure wont be doing work. I'll be getting him either on Tuesday or Thursday, so only one open source day a week.

Also for my game, I've just been going over tutorials so I haven't been writing any blog posts about that. I'm going to keep going over tutorials for the next few weeks till I feel good to start. Hopefully by that time I have my new computer up and running so I can stream. I would prefer to stream the whole process from start to finish, I think that would be pretty rad.
25 April 2018
So did some more work on UI stuff today for my alarm clock, coolio. Today I built out the windows for adding/editing the three different kinds of alarms. I guess I'm not quite done yet though. After thinking about it I want to have some sort of audio alarm with it too. Not sure how rough that will be. I mean using a file picker wont be that hard, but playing the audio, not sure. Can't be that hard though right?

Like usually, everything I worked on today has been uploaded to my GitHub. That reminds me, I need to look into is it okay to put not text files onto github, like images or audio files, hmmm. Just did some quick googling, still not sure. The image shouldn't be that big of a problem because it will just be a small image that will sit in the system tray. But a default audio alarm noise, not sure. Whatever I'll figure it out later.
12 April 2018
Got some good work in today, despite my son waking up almost two hours early. Little bastard. Anyways, today mostly focused on the UI stuff for the alarm clock. It's not finished yet, but got a good amount done for only working an hour on it. So I guess today we can cover DataGrid in WPF. XAML and WPF is not really my strong suit, I'm more of a backend guy. But luckily my google-fu is good enough to get me by. Although it might look ugly.

Okay, so what is a DataGrid? Well it's basically a table that let's you grammatically change stuff about it. You can add rows or columns in the code if you need to. It also has this really cool thing with data binding. I'll be honestly, I'm not 100% sure how data binding works, but I know how to use it. and in this case I pretty much bind it to a list and anything added to that list will be added to the DataGrid.
10 April 2018
Alright well I went to go work on my game today, and turns out my version of Unity was horrible outdated. I was using Unity 4.x where Unity 2017 has come out. Why they called the version 2017, I don't know, or I guess really care. Anyways, it took a while for that to install and then I had to mess around with some settings to get visual studio hook up to it. Because I'm not using MonoDevelop, I have no idea if it's good or bad, but I'm just so use to visual studio. Oh I guess this would be a good time to mention it. Both Unity and Visual Studio have free versions, as long as you make less then X per year.

Well I don't want to just leave you with that, so let's go over some of the code I've already worked on for this small open source project. First let me explain what it is. A desktop alarm clock app, that's pretty much it. Here is where the code is located if you want to download it and mess around. I wanted a little alarm clock that sat in my system tray and I could set up to pop up and yell at me when it was time to take my medication, or anything else I guess. Now I wanted to use WPF because I like it more then win-forms but I found out it would of been a pain to get it working in the system tray. Luckily I found this library that did exactly what I needed!
09 April 2018
Alright so, it's been a while. Sorry about that, life has been, rough. Things are still a bit rough, but I want to get back into making things. If you have been following what I've been up to, I've started making a web series covering random software engineering topics over on my YouTube channel, and doing some stuff on my github account. But I want to start doing stuff every day, even if it's only for two or three hours.

Saddly, currently, I can't stream, my computer is pretty bad right now. I have some computer parts but I just need some ram and I can start streaming again! Until then I will be doing my programming offline and just be posting development blogs here. Part of the reason I havn't started working on my game again sooner is because of this reason. I've thought about it thought, and while I would like to stream everything, I need to get working on my game again.
08 April 2018
Alright, it has been a while. Like almost half a year, things have been rough. The good news is, I’m trying to start work on my game again. I managed to open up Unity and Visual Studio and look around the code and start to get familiar with it again. It’s slow, but it’s a start. I do have a job now, so I can’t work on it every day like I was a while ago, but if I can start making progress again, I’ll be happy.

So I guess things are going to get personal now. Things have been really stressful and depressing. Like I said, I did get a job, but it’s at KFC. Bit of a step down from my last job, but it pays the bills. I just couldn’t find a job in my field, so right now I’m going to stay at KFC for a year or two while working on coding projects on the side. Then I’ll try to get back into dev work. I might stay at KFC longer if I get my own store, you get a percent of the profit as a general manager.
01 August 2017
Well I still haven't lost any weight, kinda a bummer, but I’m not going to let it stop me. Over the last week I worked out even less. I’ve just been really tired and sore even if I don’t work out the day before. I think I should maybe start taking daily vitamins or something. I eat pretty bad, I’m super picky, as I’ve mentioned before. So maybe if I start taking some vitamins my body will be more willing to do stuff.

Really I don’t have much of an excuse, I just need to push through this. So this week I’m going to really try hard to go at it. That’s the point of the work out blogs, to make sure if I start slacking off I can fix it within a week or two. So there’s nothing to bummed out about. If I gave up at the first sign of failure I’d never get anything done.
26 February 2017
So yesterday was sorta fun. I got to see my wife, but my kid was sick. They had to come to my place to pick up the HSA card so my son could see the doctor. Luckily my mother-in-law wasn't with them, and I managed to convince them to let me go with them.

Ooh right, don't worry, my son is fine. Just a sore throat and a small ear infection. We caught it early enough that the meds should take care of it. What does suck, however, my wife forgot to bring my longboard. It will make getting around a lot easier once I get it, ooh well.
21 February 2017
Alright, so I finished up crew combat today, so that's good news. I didn't really work one anyone one big thing today. I guess that means we will have to cover a bunch of tiny things. Before that let's go over a few of the things I did. Show who you are mousing over, show when a crew member dies, fix selecting, and a game over screen. Let's just start in order of that. Oh also, during the stream I talked about design ideas, why I picked patreon, and some other things, so you can watch me ramble over on my youtube.

20 February 2017
Well I really have nothing interesting going on in my life right now, so let’s tell a story. But first a small update on everything. I’m still working on my video game, progress is coming nicely, and I’ve started playing/streaming heroes of the storm. It’s nice to just chill out and play some video games with friends again, it’s been a bit. Also I’m about to start a Pathfinder campaign with some friends where I’m the DM.

Alright so, the first time I got drunk, like many, this happened in college for me. I never really did anything in high school. Never smoked cigarettes or weed. The only time I ever drank in high school was a little bit on new years from what my mom would give me. I guess college was a bad influence on me, if you been reading for a bit, you might remember I started smoking in college as well.
20 February 2017