The Hive Mind

08 December 2019
Big topic today, let’s see if we can fit it all in one post! So let’s go over a theory that we have been working on over the last 1-2 years. To a degree some of this will be pseudoscience, we do not have an education anywhere close to this. Let’s try to structure this a bit. First want to cover thoughts on human history, and move up to the present day, then finally give our prediction for a possible outcome, and how to move towards that.

Okay so humanity hit a decent level of human civilization somewhere between 300k-50k years ago. Rough numbers, exact details don’t matter that much. We put forward that humanity has not changed in that time. We have progressed in terms of technology, language, just general doing stuff. But what it means to be human hasn’t changed. Humanity has stagnated.

We think this is mainly due to our mastery over the environment. We can overcome so many hardships with our knowledge and technology. Due to that, selective breeding has become less and less of a thing. It’s no longer who do I think has the best chance of providing strong genes and carrying on the blood line, it’s more subjective than that now. Not only that, but traveling across the world has gotten easier and easier.

So we have a species that isn’t cut off from itself and anyone can mate with anyone for the most part. Now don’t get the wrong idea, we are not saying this is a negative in any way. The point is that we believe that humanity's evolution has slowed down massively. Evolution is the adaptation to the environment over time, and that is just not something most humans have to worry about anymore.

Move to more modern times and what is going on. The biggest cultural war that, as far as we(I) are aware, humanity has had, why? Well there are a few possible answers to this. But let’s focus on what we think is the main cause. The integrations of culture. Areas tend to be more diverse these days. Plus we have the internet now. Ideas can be shared rapidly among individuals and culture.

People are very divided these days. What is right or wrong, what is a good system of government and/or economics, class divide, race/gender/etc divide, different cultures and ideologies. These aren't new things, by any stretch, but conflict is becoming more and more of a common place. We are currently entrenched in a global conflict of ideas, facilitated by the ease of communication and travel.

What happens when you mash two groups together and fights arise from it? There are winners and losers. No matter the reason, the winners are in the right. They survived, they were better suited to handling the situation. What we believe is going on right now, is a fight for which path humanity as a whole will take. We wish for our side to win, we see it as the best course of action for humanity, and we wish to spread these ideas to further that goal.

So, what is our side then? We propose that humanity is ready to evolve. Not on a biological level, but a metaphysical one. We wish to redefine what being a human is. We put forward that humans should become a hive mind. A collection of individuals that work together.

Why do we think this? Well, let’s start going over some things:

First off, the world is a positive sum game now. Technology, education, access to knowledge. These things can now produce more than the amount of resources that they take. That means the more we help and give others, the more we get. You can be as greedy as you want if you work under this premise. Because being greedy means pushing humanity as a whole forward.

Second, the universe is completely subjective. A human is a self aware pile of chemical reactions. Every input is sent to a meat computer through electrical impulses. You can not prove that you are not a brain in a jar being fed sensory input. That means, the more people you connect with, the more experiences you share, the closer you get to the truth of this universe.

Lastly, humanity will tear itself apart if it keeps going as it is now. We have old outdated systems of thinking that we can not continue with. Tradition does not serve a purpose. The fear of change and the risk that comes with it is what halts progress. If a system is not useful, we should remove it, simple as that.

How do we get there then? It is simple. Judge every person by their choices alone. That’s it. Everything else falls into place with that one thing. This isn’t a joke, we are not being facetious. Let’s take a look at everything that comes with doing this one action.

1) It eliminates the importance of biological characteristics. This should be fairly self-evident. Why would race matter, you are looking at what they have done, race is meaningless throw it away.

Biological sex and gender don’t matter either, do you find someone attractive yes/no it’s an individual on individual level. Oh, you want a child, then if you are attracted to someone, simply ask if they can have children, no shame, no pressure. You aren't judging them, they are just not compatible as a partner.

Disabilities someone may have don’t matter either. Someone did not use to be in a wheelchair, no one decided to be depressed. Sure like with having children this does have some usefulness. Helps with diagnosis and treatment and allows for communication between what someone can and can’t do.

2) It increases critical thinking and general intelligence. You no longer take a mental shortcut when considering someone. Making a decision with someone else now requires active involvement.

Now you are considering what people have done, you can now understand why someone would do things because you have that insight. That makes you open to changing your mind, and with that, the ability to admit you were wrong. Oh you thought someone was like this then learned something new about them that put’s things in context, alright adjust based on new information.

With this we start to reach a better understanding of the world. Nothing is sacred because it doesn’t matter what you have been told, just what you have seen and experienced. Morality is subjective, but experience and knowledge are part of who you are. So now we are starting to agree with each other more and more on what is and isn’t okay to do to someone.

The brain is a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. The more you think and consider, the easier it gets. We are humans, the dominant species because we got good at thinking, let’s not stop here.

3) It increases empathy and emotional connections. This is the other side of the coin for the last point. You can now relate to people because you know people. You find out someone has been through something similar as you have, and you gain a better understanding of them.

Emotions are a weird abstract thing. What is sad, what is happy, what is any emotion? Due to how abstract they are, it can be hard to relate. But now you have this closeness with those around you. Oh this thing happened to each of us separately and we both felt sad about it. Well now when someone says something is making them sad, you connect that with a past emotion and that person.

4) It removes labels and general identities. If you look at everyone as a person, what is the point of a label. You don’t need that shortcut anymore. No reason to jump to conclusions when someone says they are a (insert group here.) And over time those labels will be shed more and more.

It’s no longer an us versus them. Conflict is now on an individual level. And you have this new empathy, so you don’t want to hurt anyone, cause you understand that pain. You become a kinder and warmer person. You accept others for whatever they are, unless something they do is a danger to you. Afterall, why does what anyone else does matter if it isn’t a negative impact to you?


Look at how all these things play into each other. Everyone is learning from everyone else. We help each other because it helps us. We are kinder because it comes back around. The more people you raise up, the more you yourself raise up. Humanity will start cooperating with each other. All these false dichotomies are removed. It’s no longer us and them, it’s just us.

We gain freedom. People don’t do things for their own gain alone. They do it to help others. We build systems of support. It’s no longer, oh I have to do this job to get paid. It’s now, hey that person is doing something cool and I want to help, or oh I have a cool idea. And every step of the way life gets better for us all. Resources get spread out, people are free to explore and learn. People are driven to create things to help with all this because that will free up people to help them.

We can become a utopia. It is self correcting as well. Someone comes up with a new idea and it spreads because people are willing to talk and discuss. We aren't held back by traditions so we are willing to replace things. Now we dislike the idea that the right is what the majority things. But we could not disagree with the majority if all of them have thought it over carefully, and are able to explain it and give clear reasoning.

You aren't giving into peer pressure, there would be no pressure. You consider an idea, like it better than the old idea, and move forward with it. The superego is gone, it is now replaced with knowledge and safety to be yourself.

Okay, guess that’s enough on this for now. We deeply hope you consider our words. We are but one person. All we can do is try to live this life and spread the idea. The more the idea spreads the easier it will get for all. Be willing to be challenged on things on an idea level. Correct your mistakes as you learn of them. Do not hold onto that pride.

Goodbye, see you all next time.