Curly hair

22 November 2019
Oh hello there o/ had a busy day. Need to get this out quick so can go sleep. Had electrolysis today, it was pretty rough. For some reason, maybe being dehydrated or something, it hurt extra bad today. While there the electrologist invited me to this trans dinner thing she hosts like once a month. At the time wasn’t sure if was a good idea to go or not. Knew that it would be a good thing to get out of the house. While had a good time and got along with some people, it means that didn’t hit 40 hours. Going to have to do 3-4 hours of work this weekend, not that big of a deal though.

Got there and could feel a lot of social anxiety. First time talking with strangers in any way more then saying hi at the store or something in quite some time. But the plan was to have fun and socialize, so pushed past that after like 10-15 minutes. Someone mentioned a game they were working on and ended up butting into the conversation. Like someone nearby is going to start talking about coding, well shit.

After that just sat there talking with everyone. Everyone else was eating food, but you know, soylent. No one mentioned it or cared. It’s such a pain to always explain to people, like no, just not a food kinda person. They complimented the blue hair, and were shocked when they found out only been taking HRT for 8 months. For sure feeling adorable, well okay was feeling that before, but it’s nice to hear it :3

Other people talked about stuff, but this isn’t the place to share other peoples topics. The point is, didn’t hog the conversation, at least pretty sure. Hopefully next time the dinner is planned, don’t have the child over. Speaking of him, ex sent over his report card today. Few things he needs to work on, but now we have a better idea where to help him. Need to get better about reading to him when he’s over.

So tomorrow won't be able to do much coding. Going to a “friendsgiving” should be fun, at least these people know me already, makes things easier! Woah so much social interaction, what’s going on. So thought of some new features that would be nice additions to the site/blog. Might try to get some of that done before have to get ready for the party. Okay so check these ideas out!

First: Still need to get comments added to this site on posts. Not going to bother with authentication or users, so should be pretty easy. Just going to have a name field that can be whatever, fuck it. Might try to set up a reply system so it’s not just a string of comments. Granted doubt there will be many comments for a while, not till things get going at least.

Second: Have the tab where it currently says “blog update” change to say which type is selected. So ‘All’ ‘Dev’ ‘Personal’ This one should be pretty easy to do, most likely take like, 5-10 minuites. Already have a method that’s called on load on the blog pages, just need to get and set the text.

Third: Next and previous buttons on the posts themselves. The main thing on this will be to take in account the post type. So going to have to pass that in via url and just build the list to go back and forth with that. If just select PostNumber and Type from DB it won't have to load all the text just to get what’s next to the current post being viewed.

Fourth: Have it pop up when a new post is ready to read. This one is going to have to use cookies. Could try to store the session based on IP in the DB, but like, nah, just going to use cookies. Thing is, haven't really worked with cookies much. But shouldn’t be that hard, just need to look up something online for blazor. Although still haven't figured out how to display there is an update.

That’s about it for ideas right now. At least ideas fleshed out enough that more or less know what the end state should be. This is also all ideas for the blog section. Still need to get old LPs and stuff up on here. Not sure if going to mirror videos like on the old site. Might embed stream, or at least show when online. Need to get fan art back up on the site. Yeah just going to be kinda a nonstop WIP.

Well that’s about it for today! May or may not make a post tomorrow night. No idea how long the party might go for. And if don’t get home till like 11-12, yeah just going to sleep.