Tired and sore

08 February 2017
So I’m not feeling that great today. Like I’m just tired and my legs hurt. I think it was a mistake to work out on Monday because yesterday I had to do a bunch of walking. So I think till I get used to things, I’m not going to work out every day. Start out slow and just do every other day, seems like a good way to start. I think another issue is that I haven't taken my pills for about a week, and they kinda make you sleepy. Normally it takes you two weeks to get used to it, but since I was only off them for a week, I hope my body will adjust fast.

Oh also, yesterday sucked kinda. I had to go to the doctors so I could get my plasma stuff figured out. I left at about noon-thirty and got there at 2:15, my appointment was at 3pm, thanks public transportation. I didn’t get called until 3:15, then I just sat in a room alone for half an hour. Then the doctor came in with the paper the plasma place faxed over and just sat there reading it. He then asked me if I was bipolar and who prescribed my meds. Uhh… you did?

Really? I know i’ve only seen him 2 times before this, but jeez dude, look at the fucking chart before walking into the room. You made me wait long enough. Also because of our new insurance the co-pay was 75 bucks, then my meds were 200 bucks for 3 months worth. Last time, on my old insurance, they were 15 bucks. Apparently my insurance covers nothing till I meet my deductible. But now we have a HSA, so at the end of the year we don’t need to buy 2 years worth of contact solution and 3 glasses just to burn the money we could lose.

After I finished with the doctors I started to walk to the vape store nearby. About 10 minutes into the walk I realise I’m getting pretty tired, so I tried to text my roommate asking if he could pick me up. Right after I texted him, my phone died. I really need to buy a external battery thing for my phone. I got to the vape shop and asked if they had a charger, but my phone uses USB-C so they didn’t. Luckily I managed to get my phone on long enough to write down my friends number.

The guy at the shop let me use his phone, what a nice dude. My friend didn’t answer when I called him, but the guy let me text him. So I just chilled out talking with him till my friend called back. He was busy but he got me the number to our other roommate. He was willing to pick me up, but it was near the end of rush hour, he needed gas, and just started eating, it took him a bit to get there.

If anyone is looking for a vape shop in the West Valley/Taylorsville area of Utah, go to Peak Vapor. They are pretty cool guys there. The dude who helped me out was named Ike. Honestly most of the vape shops I go to are pretty cool. I’ll admit I miss the old shop I used to go to. I would just go after work when I needed juice and just hang out for an hour or two bullshitting with the guys there.

I don’t think a dev stream is going to happen today. So let’s try for tomorrow, I’m going to make sure I set my alarm so I can start at 1PM my time, 3PM EST.