Public Education

07 February 2017
So I noticed my twitter was exploding with something about someone named DeVos, no idea who this person was so did a bit of googling, and holy shit. From what I can tell, she doesn’t like public education, and would rather push tax money towards vouchers that you can use to help pay for private school or charters.So I guess uhh… Rip public school?

I tried to look up some things and couldn’t really find much yet. Like will these vouchers pay for everything? Will public schools just go away? Will the government manage any of these private schools or charters? Jeez what the fuck is going on? If the vouchers don’t pay for everything, what will they do for poor children who can’t afford to pay the rest? Will they pay for homeschooling?

Why is having no public school bad? Let’s assume the vouchers pay for everything, but I bet they will not. Well what happens when you can only go to private religious schools? Do you have to move to give your child a good education, or try to homeschool. Also what happens if the public school near you closes down and the nearest private school is really far away. Granted education was already pretty bad.

Also I’ve seen stuff about private schools not making accommodations for mental-ill people. So are those people just screwed? There’s so many questions about what’s going to happen next, and none of them seem good. I was of the opinion that you should do your best to send your kid to public school, even if they could get a better education elsewhere. Because the more people who go to public school, the more they will fund it. But know, jeez I have no idea.

All I can say is that I’m glad I’m planning on moving to the Netherlands. Hell even if I don’t move there, I’m moving to another state. Utah has one of the lowest public education, and most of their private schools are very religious. Why the government doesn’t just push more money at public school to make them better, I have no idea. Isn’t it worth taking money from almost any department in order to make sure the future generation knows important things.

Well this has kinda bummed me out, this is why I try to ignore what’s going on. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. Well I need to head out to go to the doctors, cya.