Concept: Nihilism

02 February 2017
So blah blah blah, stuff in my life happened, nothing important, let’s talk about something fun instead: nihilism! There are a few different types of nihilism, but I mostly want to talk about existential nihilism. This is the idea that life has no intrinsic meaning or value. For this, let’s just assume there is not an afterlife, well at least one that doesn’t depend on your life. With that out of the way, I would like to put forward the statement that nothing you do matters, and you have no inherent goal in life. Don’t worry it’s a good thing.

Okay let’s go over the first thing, nothing you do matters. Let’s start small scale. Such as an average person who isn’t an outlier in really anything. Clearly nothing they do matters, they are a replaceable person to the world. Sure to their family or friends they matter, but to the world they don’t. Let’s also say they don’t give birth to anyone of importance either. If that person was never born, the world would not be very much different. Their family and friends would have someone else in their life.

Now let’s go bigger, what about someone who made some great discovery or invention? Well I’m of the opinion they do not matter either. Someone else would of figured it out. If it’s a discovery, a one that really does model reality, then someone else would someday come along and discover it. If we were missing an invention, either it wasn’t that important or someone else would create it some day. While yes these things would definitely change our history, in the end it wouldn’t matter.

I’ll admit, I forgot something else we need to assume. Although this is less of an assumption because there is quite a bit of evidence for it. Nothing last forever. Let’s say the universe goes on forever, and either the heat death of the universe is not true, or we somehow figure out how to subvert it. It still won't matter. At some point, life as we know it will end. Even if we leave behind something for the next generation of life, as in a whole new species, they will repeat what we have done. Even if they do make it further then us, forever is a really long time to go.

What about the whole, we have no inherent goal in life? Well I think this is pretty straight forward, but I guess I can lay some things down. Let’s start with instincts, we clearly can break away from that. One of the biggest instincts is to pass on your genes. Well we have people who do not want to have children, and we have people who are only homosexual. While I’m not saying anything is wrong with being gay, if you have a species without science that needs two sexes to reproduce, they can only live one generation if everything is solely homosexual.

So what about a god? Well before we assumed there is no afterlife that is based on your current life. If there is a god that is creating you, and they are making you do something. You could say your life doesn’t have meaning, you are a toy or plaything. I guess we have to assume freewill happens too. I don’t think that’s to crazy. I’m not going to go into why I don’t think there isn’t a god or afterlife, that’s another topic. I think that covers the two big things when it comes to inherent goals, so let’s start talking about why nihilism is a good thing.

Congratulations, you now understand life is meaningless, what should you do? Anything you want! You have free will. Granted everything you do has a consequence, but as we said before, those consequences don't matter in the long run. They might matter to you, and that’s fine. What I’m getting at is, make your own goals in life. Do what makes you happy, because that is all that matters. I’m not going to kill someone just because I don’t like them because I’m not worried about consequences, that will stop me from being even more happy.

It’s freeing, knowing that you can pursue your own things in life. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. But you deserve nothing, from life that is. The key is to overcoming problems that get in your way for what you want to do. If you want to not work, and be homeless, that is your choice to make. I do think that from a social standpoint people deserve things, but that’s another topic. So go forward and do anything you want, I’d advise you understand the consequences of your actions though.

Don’t be depressed about life not mattering. Embrace it, own your life. While your happiness will fade from the world, as will everything. You have just one life, use it to do what you want. Don’t take shit from people unless it furthers what you want to do. I hope you guys have a great life, don’t squander your one chance!