Whoring out my skills and body

01 February 2017
Oh, I forgot to post yesterday. Oh well, my bad. So on Monday I went to go try to donate plasma like I said, it didn’t work out very well. Because I’m bipolar and I’m taking meds they have to contact my doctor before I can donate. Not only do they have to contact my doctor, but they have to check with the on site doctor as well, and I guess he only works there Tuesday and Friday. The nurse said he would call me yesterday if I’m able to donate or not, so I guess I have to wait till Friday. Kinda sucks I could've used some money.

The person who was setting up my file was pretty cool though. She was some older lady who was really nice. She told me about a promotion I could use that would get me 50 dollars for my first 5 donations, so that’s awesome. Oh and at this place they give you 20/40 bucks every time, 20 for the first time in a week and 40 for the second time in a week. Not too bad. Also I thought about it and the first time I donate I’m going to buy that music licenses for monsterCat.

I’m not going to go into everything I did, but yesterday I ended up streaming for about 8 hours. Kinda crazy, really. But I got a lot of stuff done and got my first build finished and up on my website. If you want to check it out you can download a .zp on my website just unpack everything and run the exe. I’m pretty happy that I was able to finish it before the new month, but just barely.

So I guess now that I have that build I need to start spreading my patreon around the internet. I’m having no luck finding a job, maybe I can at least make a little money from patreon in the meantime. I’ve said it before, but it would be great if I started making enough so I didn’t have to work. I doubt that will happen too fast though so unless my patreon spikes up I’m going to keep looking for work. So if you want to see me keep working on my game at the same rate, help me out and tell your friends!

I’ll be honest, I feel a little bit bad about whoring myself out, but it has to be done. I need money, there’s no two ways about it. Really I just want to start making enough money that I can rent an apartment or house and start living with my wife again. It’s been really rough, I’ve seen her for about 10 minutes over the last month. Oh well, life will get better some day, I just hope it’s sooner than later. Nothing I can do but keep giving my game and job search my all, right? Also if you been reading these blogs with adblock turned on, if you could turn it off, that would be great. I only run ads at the bottom of the page, nice and out of the way. I would very much appreciate it.

Alright, I guess that’s it for now. Remember, if you are trying something new and crazy out, don’t give up. Even if you have to do it less then you want, keep pushing for what you want. You are worth it!