Plasma and Pathfinder

30 January 2017
Alright, going to go donate plasma today. It’s only a 45 minute walk away so that shouldn’t be too bad, but it is a little chilly out so that might suck. I know the first thing I’m going to buy is a little external battery for my cell phone. When I broke my foot then later when my computer died I sat on my phone pretty much all day with it plugged it and basically ruined the battery life. There might be a way to fix it, but whatever. I checked and batteries are only like 15-20 bucks.

If you haven't donated plasma before I would recommend it. The first visit takes a while because they make you do a physical, but afterwards it’s only about an hour or two for 20-40 bucks depending on where you go. It’s kinda bullshit that companies that take blood don’t pay at all when they mostly just sell it to other companies. I guess if the blood place was making almost no profit on my blood I’d be more willing to do it. But I’m not going to give them it for free if they are just going to turn around at sell it.

So if you haven't guessed the stream is going to be later than normal today. Between walking time, first time check up, and donating, I think I’ll be out of the house for about 4-5 hours. Oh I just realised I have DnD tonight, well pathfinder. I might be able to get an hour or so of streaming in, better than nothing. I forgot about it yesterday when I set up the appointment, I guess next week I’ll just go donate on tuesday instead so I have time to stream every day.

Speaking of pathfinder you guys should try to find a group and play. If you don’t know pathfinder is very similar to DnD 3.5 edition, many call it 3.75. Tabletop games are pretty fun. Although I wish the group I was in did a little more roleplaying, but oh well. We play it more as a dungeon crawler with some light role playing. But that’s the nice thing about tabletop games, they can be really flexible. We have also house ruled a good chunk of stuff to make things smoother for everyone.

If you are curious, my character is a barbarian that has an archetype of Savage Technologist. An archetype is a way to modify the class to make it fit better with your ideas for what you want to play. But basicly my barbarian will be running around with a sword and a gun, smashing and shooting people. Once I get all my feats out of the way and get a 2nd attack a round my full round attack is going to be pretty silly. I’ll shoot a gun, drop my sword so I can reload, pick up my sword, swing with it, shoot my gun, drop my sword to reload, pick it up, and swing again. I can do this because I have an item that basically ties the sword to my arm and I have a feat that lets me pick up a weapon as a free action. Then I have a feat that lowers reloading by one step, and I’ll use ammo that lowers it another step, so a free action. Technically I shouldn’t be able to do this but we house ruled a few things so it would work.

That’s it for today, I’ll let you know how the plasma donation went tomorrow. I guess I’ll let you guys know how much it makes and what place I went to too. Have a good week guys.