Game Night

29 January 2017
Alright, game night last night was pretty fun. Getting drunk with friends and playing silly games, kinda hard to not be fun. Some of the games we played: Villages, Bang! The Dice Game, and Joking Hazard. They are all pretty fun but I think I enjoyed Joking Hazard the most. It’s by the guys who did Cyanide and Happiness, and it plays a lot like Cards Against Humanity. But instead you are building three strip comics with cards. Maybe it’s because I’ve played a ton of Cards Against Humanity so it’s become dull, but Joking Hazard was way more fun.

Also yesterday I was able to go to my wife’s house and pick up some stuff I needed, so Monday I can go donate plasma. It will be nice to have a little money for food and e-juice. Not going to be fun walking about an hour there and back, mainly heading back after donating. At least they give you some juice to drink to rehydrate you. They say you can earn about 260 a month, that seems a little high, but who knows, I could use like 60 bucks a week. I guess we will see next week!

So something that really sucks is that the bus near my house doesn’t run on Sundays. I was planning on hanging out with my wife and kid today. No idea what we were going to do, but honestly I didn’t really care too much. But yeah, guess we have to scrap that idea and wait till next week to hang out. At least I got to see her yesterday, but it was only for a few minutes so not nearly long enough.

Oh something I picked up when I visited my wife was my controller. So maybe I can finally finish my THUG2 LP that I started forever ago. I know Zackcat wanted to pick it back up and got a new headset a few months ago. I guess that will give me something to do. I mean I have my game I’m trying to work on every day, and I will continue to do so, but I find doing LPs fun. If you haven't watched anything I’ve done, and I’ll admit the earlier episodes were kinda bad because I wasn’t sure what I was doing, you could watch them on the main website, .

Well I think that’s really it for today. I have some thing’s I want to say about my game, but that will be for the dev blog later today. Did you guys do anything fun this weekend? Well guess it’s time to get ready for the dev stream, and I guess get some food in me as well.