Things vastly improving

22 January 2020
Okay okay okay. Yes it has been over a week again. We blame our girlfriend this time. She hangs out over here most nights, and our planned time to blog is at 9pm. Doesn’t matter, we are pretty excited about the future right now! We have some really cool things coming up in life, and overall feeling happy with the direction life is going. Plus some big stress was lifted off us today!

Got our W-2 from our last job, and a few days ago we got our 1099 from our contract job. Did some rough tax estimates and it’s looking like we will owe less than half of what we planned for. We didn’t really save much money last year for taxes, not until like 2 months ago. But we have been managing to stay close to our budget and save 40-50% of our paycheck every month. We also checked our bank statements for the last 2 months, we have only been a few hundred over budget.

We also checked estimated taxes in the Netherlands, assuming we worked 35-40 a week, with taxes over there being higher, our income is well within the realms of being able to afford it. We plan on moving there when the lease is up here. And based on the fact that we are able to save way more money then just what we need for taxes is a really good sign. It means we are also able to save up for the move. We would like 30-40k saved up for the move, but that’s pretty unlikely.

If we can at least get 20k saved up we would be pretty happy with that. To move there we need 5k to put into a company bank, part of the process of moving there under the DAFT. Then likely 3-5k to move out there, between plane ticket and luggage. We need to have enough to start renting an apartment/house, based on what we saw, it will likely be around 3-4k for the first month. Then we would like to have enough to not have to stress about work for a few weeks while we settle in. So yeah, at minimum we need 20k to make it a smoother move.

We might be able to get a raise at some point this year though. If that happens it would make saving so much easier. We would just put all that extra money into savings. All of this stuff about taxes and being able to move is such a huge weight off our shoulders. They have been some of our biggest stress points. But now we know that as long as we keep at it, then it should all work out. Our plans are starting to really bear fruit.

Okay, so not only does all that have us pumped, but there’s more! Friday we are going in to get new piercings, spider bites. We are also getting our triple helix changed out for the first time since we got them. Pretty excited to change out those piercings, the color on them has worn off and we want hoops, not studs. Then we texted our tattoo artist to get an estimate for the next piece we want. We have enough money to afford it, and we are going in some time next month!

It’s going to be a wild tattoo, and we are so pumped for it! It’s going to be a circuit coming up from our chest/shoulder up the right side of our neck. Now you might think, woah a neck tattoo is pretty extreme, is that a good idea? We aren't really worried about it. We already have brightly dyed hair, several piercings, we speak pretty uniquely, wear loud make up, and in general just stand out a lot. Getting a neck tattoo isn’t going to close any doors that were not already closed.

In other news, overall we are doing really good in life. Even though December and first part of January were super rough, we kept trying to follow our journal and calendar better. Our emotions are doing better, we are getting a good amount of sleep, getting back into writing, exercising more, things are really improving. We are happy that we can start moving forward in areas we want to again.

Soon we are going to tighten up the last few loose ends, such as getting up on time… And once we get those last few things nailed down we will be able to start blogging more and writing open source code again! We knew we would get back to this point, we just had to stop doing some things for a while and focus on getting back on track. Anyways, have a great day!