Infections and needles

21 February 2017
So yesterday was sorta fun. I got to see my wife, but my kid was sick. They had to come to my place to pick up the HSA card so my son could see the doctor. Luckily my mother-in-law wasn't with them, and I managed to convince them to let me go with them.

Ooh right, don't worry, my son is fine. Just a sore throat and a small ear infection. We caught it early enough that the meds should take care of it. What does suck, however, my wife forgot to bring my longboard. It will make getting around a lot easier once I get it, ooh well.

My son was all grumpy at me, at first, but I think that's just cause he was sick. I gave him some crackers while we were waiting and he really warmed up to me. When I had to leave I got him to say I love you daddy, felt good.

I guess that's really all that happened yesterday. Today, right now, I'm donating plasma. Good thing I'm ambidextrous, cause they used my right arm today. Last time they didn't get the needle in right and had to fiddle with it. Now I got a small bruise on my left arm.

All in all donating plasma isn't that bad. I'm not scared of needles or nervous around blood. Hell when I was younger I would sometimes watch when I got a vaccine, got a small adrenaline rush first few times I did that. So I guess I got over it young. Although one time I had to get stitches on my face, I was so freaked out they had to put me to sleep.

There's two things I hate about donating plasma. The first is that it's about a 40 minute walk one way. While I'm trying to exercise more, I'd rather do it at home. The other thing is that he saline solution they inject at the end. It's room temperature, but your internal body heat is hotter than that, so it feels so cold and stings. Well atleast for me.

Well I guess that's it for today. Not sure if a dev stream will happen tonight or not. I like to relax after I donated plasma, but we will see. Either way, have a good one!