First time getting drunk

20 February 2017
Well I really have nothing interesting going on in my life right now, so let’s tell a story. But first a small update on everything. I’m still working on my video game, progress is coming nicely, and I’ve started playing/streaming heroes of the storm. It’s nice to just chill out and play some video games with friends again, it’s been a bit. Also I’m about to start a Pathfinder campaign with some friends where I’m the DM.

Alright so, the first time I got drunk, like many, this happened in college for me. I never really did anything in high school. Never smoked cigarettes or weed. The only time I ever drank in high school was a little bit on new years from what my mom would give me. I guess college was a bad influence on me, if you been reading for a bit, you might remember I started smoking in college as well.

So I got invited to a party one time, I was a year or two into college and there was a party for all the new kids. Honestly it was pretty much hazing, where the older students could make the freshmen drink just by pointing at them. Honestly it was pretty silly. Well I tried to play some beer pong, but I found out, I really don’t like beer. To this day I still don’t like beer, I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds too. Anyways so instead of drinking beer I would take a shot of vodka every time instead, that was a mistake.

Taking around a dozen shots of vodka when you never drank before doesn’t lead to a super good night. Luckily someone was around to cut me off and just had me drink a bunch of water. A few hours after I was cut off I needed to go to the restroom to take a dump. Well after I finished I somehow managed to wipe myself, but then I fell off the toilet with my pants still down. I sat up, threw up into the toilet, flushed, and passed out.

A little later someone walked into the bathroom and saw me passed out with my pants down. They just kinda yelled at me and kicked me, not hard but enough to wake me. I crawled into the bathroom closet, locked the door, and passed back out. A few hours later I woke up and was super confused. I didn’t remember going into the closet, but I managed to figure out how to unlock the door and get out.

I stumbled out into the living room where some people were sleeping, I sat down down the sofa and passed out again. An hour or two later everyone woke up, and apparently we were going to Denny’s. I went with them, and honestly, Denny’s has never tasted so good. After eating we went our separate ways to go home. All in all it was pretty fun. There’s a lot I don’t remember, but what I do was pretty fun.

Clearly I drank too much, but hey, at least I didn’t puke outside like all the freshmen. The little lawn area outside of the apartment died within the next week or two. Surprisingly enough, that didn’t ruin vodka for me. I think it was a good first party to drink at.

Well that’s all for today. I’ll catch you guys later today for the dev stream, or tomorrow for the next blog.