Q: 12th Morning, that is an odd name for a website, where does it come from?

      A: Well basically two people were having a conversation in Japanese, and me not knowing Japanese I used google translator to find out what was going on. Finally I posted “I am 12 and what is this” and it turns out that came out as “I am the 12th morning and this is what it is”. So when the same friend and I were thinking up names for the website I said 12th Morning, and it just kind of stuck.

Q: Something broke, how do I report it?

      A: Right now we are building the website from the ground up. If you spot any errors currently the best way to get in contact with me is though email, vifs@12thmorning.com

Q: What do you stream?

      A: Anything with video games, new or old.

Q: That doesn't sound like much fun, why do you stream video games?

      A: It is a way to show off video games without putting in the investment of a LP. The more people in chat, the more fun it is.

Q: Can I stream on your site?

      A: Currently we are looking for streamers, if you are interested please email vifs@12thmorning.com for info.

Q: What is a LP?

      A: A more organized way to show off a video game, comes in screenshots or video formats.