News Feed!

Hey guys, I made a blog, let me know how much of a nerd I am!
I made it so you can watch random streams, check it out! Random Stream
Oh boy I uploaded my twitch irc chat that I have been working to onto github: it's over HERE Also if you just want to grab the msi well that is over THIS WAY
We Now have a Ticker to show who is streaming!
We switched from blip to self hosting with the JW Player!
That means you can only pick from Youtube or 12thmorning to watch the videos, we will leave the old blip videos up.
Go check things out!
Hey you can see FanArt
Go Check it out!
You can now watch Videos on! We have Let's Play Tony Hawk's Underground up and running!
Right now we are working on the website, please email me if any errors pop up.